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  Provide billing services to subscribers of power distribution companies 
Settlement of subscribers
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Settlement of debts of subscribers 
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Change of tariff or tariff option of ampere branch
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Issued End of course bill for subscribers 
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Examining the request to review the bills of the subscribers
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Provide records of consumption and payment of subscribers 
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Provide cumulative electricity bills for organizations and departments 
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Debt declaration based on self-declaration of electricity consumption of subscribers 
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Extension of amperage tariff 
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Investigate reports of unauthorized use of electricity 


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Providing services related to the branching of subscribers of power distribution companies 
Relocation of internal equipment for measuring the branching of subscribers 
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Reinstalling the branch 
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Temporary collection of branches 
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Permanent collection of branches 
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Correction of subscriber information 
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Correcting the names of the subscribers 
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Change of subscribers' names (change of ownership of the branch) 
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Testing and replacing meters 
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Modification of the branch service 
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Temporary interruption of the branch
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Reconnecting the branches 
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Modify the registered mobile phone number for electricity subscription 
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Increasing the branching amperage of the subscribers of power distribution companies
Increasing the branching amperage of the subscribers 
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Reducing the branching amperage of the subscribers
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Establishment of amp branch by power distribution companies 
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Separation or merger of subsidiaries 
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Temporary reduction of branching amperage of subscribers 
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Providing damages and network privacy services 
Fixing the damage to the electricity network 
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Investigate theft reports of electrical appliances 
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Eliminate electricity power privacy 
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Eliminate the risk of hazardous electrical installations 
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Providing solar generator services
(for applicants less than 200 kW) Installation of solar generator
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Provide solar generator bill (for applicants less than 200 kW) 
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Submitting a report on the delivered energy generator (especially for applicants less than 200 kW) 
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Providing services to eliminate blackouts and technical problems of electricity 
Temporary blackout at the request of the applicant 
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Submit reports of power outages
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Fix power outages 
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Fixed power grid voltage problem 
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Fixed the problem of street lighting 
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Handling and responding to requests from clients in the field of electricity distribution   
Provide a list of authorized suppliers of goods related to the electricity industry 
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Provide a list of approved contractors in the field of electricity 
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Provide instructions and plans for the construction of electrical equipment and panels 
Provide instructions and plans for the construction of electrical equipment and panels 
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Power consumption optimization 
Cultivation of electricity consumption management 
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Peak load control of power consumption
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Determining the energy rating of office buildings 
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